Concert and Honor Choir Spring Tour

The Highlight of the Season

Each spring, our Concert Choir travels for a singing tour. On the tour, choir members have the opportunity to participate in choral exchanges with other middle schools as well as perform in a variety of venues. While on tour, the singers visit local sites of historical, geographic, or educational interest, and attend a theater production. Parent volunteers chaperone our singers and stay with the girls at all times, including performances, educational events, and at the hotel. 

​Our 2023 tour was in Los Angeles, CA! 

On past tours, DGC has visited San Luis Obisbo, CA (2022); Salt Lake City, UT (2019) Ashland, OR (2018, 2010); Seattle, WA (2017, 2007, 2000); Los Angeles Beach Cities (2016); Spokane WA (2013); Hollywood (2012); Denver, CO (2011); Flagstaff, AZ (2009); Santa Barbara (2002, 2008); San Diego (1997, 2001, 2006, 2014); Santa Fe, NM (2005); Disneyland (1995, 1996, 2004); Portland, OR (2003); Pasadena (1999); Phoenix AZ (1998, 2015). 

The Concert Choir singers eagerly look forward to the annual spring tour and always have a wonderful time!