Danville Girls Chorus

Concert and Honor Choir Spring Tour

The Highlight of the Season

Each spring, our Concert Choir travels for a singing tour. On the tour, choir members have the opportunity to participate in choral exchanges with other middle schools as well as perform in a variety of venues. While on tour, the singers visit local sites of historical, geographic, or educational interest, and attend a theater production. Parent volunteers chaperone our singers and stay with the girls at all times, including performances, educational events, and at the hotel. Tours usually alternate between in state and out of state, every other year. 

On past tours, DGC has visited Salt Lake City, UT (2019) Ashland, OR (2018, 2010); Seattle, WA (2017, 2007, 2000); Los Angeles Beach Cities (2016); Spokane WA (2013); Hollywood (2012); Denver, CO (2011); Flagstaff, AZ (2009); Santa Barbara (2002, 2008); San Diego (1997, 2001, 2006, 2014); Santa Fe, NM (2005); Disneyland (1995, 1996, 2004); Portland, OR (2003); Pasadena (1999); Phoenix AZ (1998, 2015). 

The Concert Choir singers eagerly look forward to the annual spring tour and always have a wonderful time!