• STUDENTS MUST BE PROMPT! Tardies are not acceptable. Rehearsal begins at 4:30. Singers need to arrive PRIOR to the start of rehearsal to ensure that they are in their seats by the start time. Students who arrive late cause disruption to the entire group. Being on time is more than a courtesy, it is AN EXPECTATION.

  • Remember, ON TIME IS LATE! TWO TARDIES will be counted as one absence. Girls are considered tardy if they arrive late or leave early)​.

  • The chorus is not responsible for singers until fifteen minutes prior to scheduled rehearsal time, and fifteen minutes after the end of rehearsal.


  • Consistent attendance is essential for a quality music program.

  • MORE THAN TWO ABSENCES per concert season will result in a singer not being allowed to perform at the next concert.

  • Girls MUST attend the mandatory rehearsal in order to perform at the concert. The rehearsal immediately prior to a concert is the Mandatory Rehearsal.

  • In case of absence during weekly rehearsals, please email membership@danvillegirlschorus.org. Leaving a message does not excuse an absence, but it is a courtesy that we appreciate as we worry about your daughter's whereabouts during rehearsal.

  • In case of emergency during a choir rehearsal, performance, or any other DGC activity, singers will remain with DGC staff until a parent, guardian, or other designated adult picks them up or gives specific instructions to the staff.


  • Maintain a positive attitude.

  • Strive for standards of excellence in your singing and musical studies​​.

  • Attend all DGC performances​.

  • Wear the DGC uniform to DGC performances and events only.

  • Be a role model for other singers.


  • Prepare music and rehearse at home​.

  • Bring music, name tag, and a pencil to each rehearsal​.

  • Keep music in a notebook and make marks in pencil only​.


Singer Expectations

General Guidelines 

  • Show respect for instructors, staff, parents and fellow singers.

  • Be courteous to fellow singers at all times.

  • Represent DGC in a polite and professional manner.

  • No talking or disruptive behavior in class.

  • Actively listen to directions.


  • Staff members collectively make decisions regarding a singer's promotion.

  • Evaluations are based on musical talent, aptitude, achievement, and vocal maturity.

  • Attendance, theory, and emotional maturity will be considered).

  • Promotion is also based on the space available in the next group and the vocal needs of each section within that choir level. Refer to the objectives for each choir level for more information.

  • Promotions take place at the end of the season in June.

  • Progress reports will be sent to families twice a year, in January and in June.

  • Concerns about promotion should be directed to the Board of Directors via the choir line or DGC e-mail.