‚ÄčDanville Girls Chorus


The Danville Girls Chorus is an organization run completely by volunteers and this includes its leadership. As the artistic director, Ken Abrams oversees the musical direction of the Chorus. The day to day operations of the chorus are handled by a member volunteer parent board of directors, assisted by member volunteer parent committee leads. These board members handle a variety of responsibilities including the renting of classroom space, hiring staff, securing concert venues and managing rehearsals and concerts. The committee leads handle specific responsibilities, as listed below, under the direction and guidance of the board.


A board member's term is one year, although some dedicated parents often stay on the board for more than one year, sometimes in different positions. Prospective board members can "shadow" current members to learn about the

position responsibilities and to make the transition from year to year an easy one. We usually have positions open on the board each spring for the following year. If you would like to help in one of these functions, please

email admin@danvillegirlschorus.org or call (925)837-2624 for more information. We'd love to have you join us.


In addition to the volunteer Board of Directors, each singer's family is asked to fulfill one volunteer job during the choir season. These volunteer positions vary slightly in length, but are usually between 30 minutes and two hours. These

positions might include setting up a concert, chaperoning singers before a concert, or selling tickets. These dedicated parents make DGC the wonderful organization it is and provide singers with an exceptional musical experience.  


For the 2016-2017 Season

Board of Directors


President: Regina Yang

Vice President: Jill Eiras

Treasurer: Karen Picht

Secretary: Debbie Inouye

Membership: Melissa Rapela

Uniforms: Anne Mathis 

Publicity: Bhavit Desai

Hospitality: Patti Pelletier

Tour: Cyndee Hagan


Committee Leads


Uniform Assistant: Kathleen Tedlock

Set Up/Take Down:  Craig Braaten

Scrip Card Fundraising: Helen Arnold

Technology:  Rick Pratt

Photography: Britt Callaway

Tour Assistants: Lesli Gee & Anita Monery